Goal Setting Tips

Happy new year, beautiful!!
We have just flipped our calendars to 2018 and like many around the world, you
too may have at least a few New Year's Resolutions. We've all been there and we've all done it. Whether it's to get up earlier, arrive on time, or to get fit. We start off all pumped and ready to commit to making this the year we make it happen. But, as we know, resolutions tend to fade all too quickly. 

Did you know that despite having a sincere intention to follow through, most new year's resolutions are almost always broken before February? 

For many, this is a time of feeling disappointed as they reflect on the goals they didn't accomplish and using that as a springboard they jump into the new year feeling determined to follow through this time.
Instead, I suggest you celebrate all that you DID accomplish. Especially the little things. Often times we deprive ourselves of some fun and celebration without realizing the positive impact of celebrating the small wins. Remember, big or small, a win is a win. 
Celebrating all successes promotes happiness and motivation to keep going. Now isn't that a better way to head into the new year? 
Personally, I much prefer setting well thought out goals that align with the vision I have for my life. I select 10 categories and set 10 goals for each category. One main goal for each category and the rest are smaller goals to keep me on track.
Before setting your goals, envision what 2018 will hold for you and write it down in detail. Where you travel to, where you will be living if your appearance has changed. I suggest beginning with the end in mind and working backwards to today, setting quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily targets. These milestones will be critical for keeping you on track.
Using the acronym S.M.A.R.T. as a guide for each objective will ensure your goals are:
SPECIFIC - be clear and detailed on what you want to accomplish. 
MEASURABLE - set milestones and smaller targets to track your progress. 
ATTAINABLE - your goal should be challenging but achievable to keep you motivated.
RELEVANT - is in alignment with the vision for your future 
TIMELY - set a specific time period in which to achieve your goal 
Remember to celebrate along the way. You are doing this for you. Be easy on yourself. Life can be challenging, but you are doing great. 
Now, that's worth celebrating! 


Warmest regards,

Health and Wealth Strategist

Fozia Murtaza 


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