About Us

Salam there! Thank you for checking us out!

My name is Walaa Hassanien and I'm the founder of In-T first. I'm a mother of four precious humans, Alhumdlilah. Two girls, two boys who mean the world  to me. I hold degree in public health and became a mommy at the age during my last year of university, and my life hasn't been the same since. So i'm very passionate about health and mothering. 

You're probably wondering what is InT First. The word In-T meansانتي is feminine YOU in Arabic. So In-T first means YOU FIRST. I started this venture because as a wife, a mother and student, I felt there was no time for self care or self love...no time for ME. And I realized that if I was feeling this way, chances are, a lot of others were, too. I was always so caught up in my daily routine of doing things for others and just mentally exhausted. I wanted something that was just for me – for my well-being. So I created what I needed – a monthly reminder to pause and feel like I could put myself first, even if just for a night. I want to give you that reminder to pause monthly. To take some time for YOU. Because you do everything for everyone else, why not do something for yourself for a change!